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Mission of Caswell Developmental Center


Caswell Center, serving as North Carolina's Eastern Region resource center, provides specialized residential, programmatic and support services for people with mental retardation.


In partnership with service recipients, families, and public as well as private entities, Caswell Center will be the leader in serving people with mental retardation. Caswell Center will provide a spectrum of specialized services that are person-centered, technologically advanced, and managed in an effective and fiscally responsible manner.


We value people.

  • People are treated with respect, honesty and dignity, recognizing their uniqueness.
  • People have a right to make choices and decisions about their lives.
  • People have a right to an environment that fosters independence and self-determination.
  • Our service recipients are our first priority.

We value collaborative efforts to achieve quality outcomes.

  • Two-way communication at all levels is honest, open, timely and accurate.
  • All affected parties have an opportunity for input in the decision-making process.
  • An attitude of ownership by all stakeholders is promoted.
  • Positive community relations are promoted.
  • Standards are set to achieve excellence.

We value an organizational culture that promotes continuous improvement.

  • New ideas, concepts, technological advances and creativity are promoted.
  • Opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth are supported.

We value the responsible management of people, funds, facilities and knowledge.

  • The allocation of resources is focused on enhancing the lives of our service recipients.
  • Homes are personalized, ensure privacy and promote independence.
  • Environments are well maintained, clean, safe and comfortable.
  • Expertise and experiences are shared with the broader community.

Welcome to the Caswell Developmental Center

Caswell Developmental Center has a long and rich history of providing services to people with intellectual disabilities.

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