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The Center has been providing services to the citizens of North Carolina for over 100 years. The Center was authorized by the North Carolina General Assembly on March 4, 1911 and opened for the first residents on July 1, 1914. It is the state's oldest residential facility for people with intellectual disabilities. Caswell's census reached 2,000 before other state facilities were opened to serve people with intellectual disabilities. Over the years, the census has decreased and we currenly have an operating capacity of 378. Caswell Developmental Center has always prided itself on ensuring that the individuals receive the best possible supports and services available by staying abreast of and implementing best practice in service delivery. Our focus is and will continue to be the people who call Caswell Developmental Center their home. The Center's 1,429 employees are committed to providing an environment that ensures that all the individuals served are recognized for their individuality, provided the supports necessary for safety and health, provided the supports and services necessary to help them participate in activities of choice and exposing them to a wide variety of new experiences, and provided opportunities for them to increase social relationships and roles. In order to accomplish our mission and move towards our vision of being a leader in the field of intellectual disabilities, the organization will continuously explore new ideas, approaches and best practices to ensure the continuous improvement of the Center's operations and provision of person-centered services that are technologically advanced and managed in an effective and fiscally responsible manner. The Center is proud of what it has accomplished and is optimistic about its future. Although continuous changes are expected in the nature and scope of the services provided by the Center, the future is expected to be a bright one for years to come.

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Caswell Developmental Center has a long and rich history of providing services to people with intellectual disabilities.

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